At Least 6 Dead in Torrential Flooding in Spain’s Mallorca Island

Sant Lloren

Sant Lloren

The Britons, who were married and in their seventies, were travelling by taxi about 40 miles east of the Spanish island's capital, Palma, when the auto was swept away.

The British Foreign Office said it is "urgently seeking updates" from local authorities after reports that two Britons were among those killed.

Witnesses said a dry creek overflowed, creating a strong current of water and mud that buried cars and tore down trees.

Spain's National Police confirmed on social media that five people had been killed in the heavy rains in the municipality of Sant Llorenc, and urged people to avoid driving in the Llevant area on the east of the island.

Swamped streets and piles of overturned cars, some of them along the guardrails of a major road, were a common sight in Sant Llorenc and other nearby towns on Wednesday.

Two men were found dead around midday on Wednesday, one in the northeastern town of Arta and another at S'illot further south on the coast.

"My solidarity and support goes out to the families and friends of victims and all those affected by these tragic floods", Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez tweeted early on Wednesday.

"We have lots of vacation homes", Bauza said.

'Our staff remain in contact with the Spanish authorities who are responsible for responding to the floods, and are ready to assist any other British people who require our help'. The flooding forced schools to close and displaced people to shelter in sports halls.

100 rescue workers have been deployed to the area, and will be joined by 80 soldiers.

Tuesday evening's rainstorm was "extraordinarily intense but localized", affecting a narrow stretch of land with heavy rainfall concentrated during a short period of time, said Ruben del Campo, spokesman for national weather agency AEMET.

A previous version of this story corrected the spelling of the town to Sant Llorenc, not Sant Lorrenc.

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