Chief Justice John Roberts orders new investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs Iowa

President Donald Trump speaks during a rally at the Mid America Center in Council Bluffs Iowa

Fifty percent of those surveyed said Republicans would retain the majority, compared to 34 percent who said Democrats would take over.

The all-male line-up on the Republican side drew attention during the confirmation hearings for Kavanaugh, who was accused of sexual misconduct in high school and college. He denied the allegations.

Hyde-Smith tweeted a video that afternoon in which she suggested accusers of President Trump's Supreme Court pick and Democratic opponents were on the side of "evil."

Democrats need a net gain of 23 House seats to gain control of the chamber and there are more than 60 districts in play, based on independent analysts and polling.

"The Democrats are even talking about doing really bad things now to Justice Kavanaugh", Trump said. Republicans slammed Clinton for her statement, especially as it came after Republicans were "shot, stabbed, doxxed, beaten, mailed powder, run out of restaurants, and sent death threats", in the age of the Trump administration.

The Republican party raised a total of $5.7 million from Sept. 30 to October 5, compared to $4.38 million raised by the DCCC from the end of September to October 5, which is the day Kavanaugh secured the votes in the Senate to be confirmed.

Those latest examples follow hard on Democrats like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) openly encouraging confrontation in public spaces with Republicans.

"This business of presidential harassment may or may not quite be the victor they think it is", McConnell told the Associated Press.

Kavanaugh, a veteran of such proceedings after 12 years on an influential USA appeals court, looked at ease as he asked several questions during two hours of lively oral arguments involving a federal sentencing law for repeat offenders.

US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is sworn in at the White House. He pointed out that Murkowski won election as a write-in vote in 2010.

The left's use of uncorroborated sexual assault allegations to block Kavanaugh's path to the Supreme Court, Trump said, violated "every notion of fairness, decency and due process".

The First Lady, who has been travelling the African continent on her first solo engagement, managed to avoid most of the drama and controversy surrounding Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation to the Supreme Court. During the vote, Murkowski withdrew her "no" vote, changing it to "present" instead, effectively pairing it with Republican Sen.

If Kavanaugh were have found to have committed misconduct, he could be disciplined or suspended.

McConnell told The Associated Press in an interview Wednesday that "She's certainly going to recover".

Kavanaugh focused his questions on the court's prior precedent, as the justices weighed "what level of force in a robbery is required" for the crime to be considered a violent felony under the ACCA, The Hill reported.

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