Donald Trump welcomes Kanye West to the Oval Office

Lifestyle       by Asma Malik | Published

Lifestyle by Asma Malik | Published

The conversation turned to West expressing the lack of support he received from his Hollywood cohorts with regard to his support of the president.

US President Donald Trump meets with rapper Kanye West in the Oval Office.

The 10-minute rambling address saw West variously discuss his bipolar condition while complaining he was pressured to stop wearing his red "Make America Great Again" hat.

The White House had said that Trump and West would discuss a range of issues, including manufacturing, prison reform, preventing gang violence and reducing violence in Chicago, which is where West grew up.

The Republican president has advocated prison reform and said he was open to changes in sentencing guidelines, an issue that divides the Republican Party between "law and order" hardliners and moderates.

Then, according to Jenkins, West announced he made a hat for Trump that says "Make America Great" sans the "again" - and that Trump wore it. Let me give this guy a hug right here.

"And also, I'm married to a family that, you know - not a lot of male energy going on". Trump has publicly criticized Kaepernick and other NFL players for anthem protests and called for the league to impose stiff penalties on them.

He broke into a nervous laugh and we just hope he's not referencing his weird new song again, you know the one where he says he'd "smash" his four sister-in-laws.

Invited to speak by Trump, West launched into a long, winding discourse, occasionally slapping the Resolute Desk for emphasis.

"Illegal guns is the problem, not legal guns", West said.

Trump, for his part, said West was "a smart cookie" and could "very well be" a future presidential candidate.

During the meeting, Kanye took the opportunity to explain why he wants to abolish the 13th amendment - joking that it's an unlucky number, as well as branding it "a trap door".

"I love everyone, right?"

"I tell you what, that was pretty impressive", Trump said after West spoke.

After Kanye's speech, Trump, not usually one to be silent, said quietly, "That was quite something". From a misdiagnosis. So we can empower the pharmaceuticals and make more money.

Later, West gave a charged critique of the media, including SNL, where he voiced his support of Trump in an untelevised rant. "So when I said I'm like Trump to someone that's liberal they'll say, 'Oh, he's racist.' You think racism can control me?" West dined on roasted chicken and fingerling potatoes over lunch with Trump, Jared Kushner and Ivanka, fellow musician Kid Rock and Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown.

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