#MeToo Movement: Celebs Accused of Sexual Harassment

‘Tara’ Lead Actor Accused of Sexual Assault by Producer

‘Tara’ Lead Actor Accused of Sexual Assault by Producer

It was only a matter of time when he was brought back by the channel and Vinta Nanda was shamed by the members of the channel.

Later, confirming the same to IANS via SMS, Nanda said: "It is Alok Nath". While she did not name the actor on her post, it was clear that she had accused Alok Nath of raping her. Vinta wrote about how the actor known for his love for alcohol would regularly harass the leading lady of the popular soap, Tara Navneet Nishan.

After her successful TV show, Tara, was shut down, Nanda said, Nath invited her to a party.

Nanada went on to write that her drink was mixed with sedative during the party and she began to feel 'strange.' "As the evening flowed, my drinks were mixed and I began to feel odd".

The "most hard part" and the "main reason" why Nanda took so long to come out with the truth was because while she was working on this new series, she says, "he asked me to come to his house again and I went to allow him to violate me".

"I was producing and writing the No 1 show on TV called Tara". I fought my battles there and then.

Apart from the allegations, Nanda had also revealed in her post that their friends had patched them up after the first horrific incident she mentioned.

On 8 October, Nanda posted on Facebook the account of her alleged sexual assault by the "sanskaari" father of Indian television, that happened nearly two decades ago. She added that she also suffered because of this man's "power trip" but made it stop by slapping him eventually.

Not too long afterwards, she said, she found herself on the same set as Nath again when he joined a TV show Nanda was directing.

When asked what provoked her to talk about it two decades on, she emphasised that she wanted to get "the weight off my chest, not to get him punished". My lead female actor was being harassed by him. "When she complained to us, we made a decision to let him go", she wrote in the post. My lead actress slapped him. "Neither am I denying this nor do I would agree with it".

"We needed one last shot between them and soon after it had been taken we had planned to let him know that we didn't want to work with him any longer", Nanda wrote.

Nanda said she needed the job and needed the money. "I continued to write the show", she said.

"I was completely shattered by then", Nanda said.

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