Roche's Tecentriq boosts survival in triple-negative breast cancer

Wear it pink event

Wear it pink event

An immunotherapy cocktail from Roche helped slow an aggressive type of breast cancer where new treatments have proven elusive, offering positive news for the Swiss drugmaker as it chases medicines produced by its rivals.

However, three of them were diagnosed with breast cancer. Treatment options are limited, and these cancers tend to be more aggressive, with worse outcomes.

These findings may lead to the first approval by the Food and Drug Administration for an immunotherapy drug to treat breast cancer.

Women should have their own monthly check-ups at the age of 30, he concluded. Each group included 451 patients.

Beyond the pink ribbon, what does breast cancer awareness look like?

The streets of Newark were pink Sunday morning in an effort to raise money and awareness for breast cancer.

Because of charities like Hail's, there are now ways for everyone to become more informed and educated on diseases such as breast cancer.

According to Breast Cancer Now, one in eight women in the United Kingdom will suffer from the illness during their lifetime, with more than 11,000 women dying from it every year.

"That means", Couch says, "doctors should consider that women who have any of these mutations will have an increased risk for triple negative breast cancer".

Couch and his research team used a technology called multigene panel testing on blood samples taken from people with triple-negative breast cancer.

Additionally, thanks to the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month has promoted mammography as one of the most effective weapons in the fight against breast cancer.

This year, consider stocking up on some of the most popular products in the industry that also happen to benefit people in need.

"I have shoelaces that are pink and have words on them, ribbons, I have pins, shirts", the Benjamin Cardozo High School sophomore said.

"Having had family members battle cancer, we felt it was a good way to make our 4-year-old aware of how she could be a part of something noble", a mother of a KG1 student said.

The standard treatment is chemotherapy, which most patients quickly develop resistance to. We are changing how triple-negative breast cancer is treated in proving for the first time that immune therapy has a substantial survival benefit.

"Over the weekends, we went to the Junction mall and Accra mall to spread the information and examine them there".

"Detecting breast cancers when they are small will undoubtedly help reduce death rate from this disease".

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