White woman who blocked black neighbor from entering apartment building gets fired

WATCH: ‘Insecure' Woman Tries to Block Black Neighbor From Entering His Own Home

WATCH: ‘Insecure' Woman Tries to Block Black Neighbor From Entering His Own Home

The next day Toles shared the footage on his Facebook page with the caption, "To Be A Black man in America & Come Home".

A white St. Louis woman who lost her job after a video circulated online showing her refusing to let a black tenant inside the building spoke to KTVI Tuesday.

"It's kind of hitting me again, thinking about the whole thing", he said of his encounter. About 30 minutes after the last video, Toles reported that officers showed up at his door saying they had gotten a complaint that he made another resident "uncomfortable".

"I can", she responds.

"You can be uncomfortable", Toles said.

But the woman, Hilary Brooke Mueller, refused to move as she continued to ask Toles what unit he lived in and to see his key fob. "I am really taken away by the moment", said Toles reflecting on the incident.

"And it's my building as well, so I need you to get out of my way", Toles said. She demands to know what his unit number is.

"Sir, you walked up off a street", the woman told him.

"I am uncomfortable", the woman told him. "Ma'am, you're not security".

"As for the record, I just want to say, hi, what is your name?" the woman said, undeterred. "And you see my keys in the door". He says, "So now you're going to follow me?" "Excuse me. ... You're blocking me". After Toles manages to squeeze past her, she continues to harass him, going as far as following him to his home and then calling the cops. It noted that the incident did not happen at one of its properties.

The woman followed Mr Toles to his apartment (pictured). Thornton eventually called the police. And in Georgia, a white woman called police on a black man who was babysitting two white children.

Watch the attached clip for more of Toles' video. Thousands posted about the story on social media using the hashtag #ApartmentPatty. "We are proud of this fact and do not and never will stand for racism or racial profiling at our company", the company said.

The New York Times reportedly reached out to the woman but she had not responded. "You pay rent", Toles said. "I would still have a conversation with her". "If I did not have my camera out, I feel it could have gone a totally different way".

Toles doesn't want people to "bash the woman", but instead send her positive energy. "We only get one life so let's make the most of it & be great, no time for negativity!"

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