Chris Christie On Short List To Replace Jeff Sessions As Attorney General

Could Sessions resignation be an opportunity for Kris Kobach?

Could Sessions resignation be an opportunity for Kris Kobach?

Sessions writes that it was "an incredible honor to work with people who day after day and year after year consistently exceeded expectations".

In July 2017, he said during an interview on CNN that he could envision a scenario under which a temporary attorney general doesn't fire Mueller but rather "just reduces his budget to so low that his investigations grinds to nearly a halt".

A personal connection to a Mueller witness is unlikely to sway Whitaker or the White House when it comes to recusal, as Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein supervised the probe despite being a witness himself.

Democrats have slammed Whitaker's appointment to replace Sessions, arguing that Trump is trying to undermine Mueller and demanding that Whitaker recuse himself from supervising the Mueller investigation due to his writings and public comments attacking the investigation.

In addition to Mueller's subpoena of the Trump Organisation, an umbrella company that encompasses Trump's business ventures, federal prosecutors in Manhattan indicted the president's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, for campaign finance fraud related to payments made on behalf of Trump.

To this point in the Russian Federation investigation, which began in May 2017, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been supervising Mueller's probe.

Sessions resigned Wednesday - indicating he did so at Trump's request - and the President appointed Matthew Whitaker, Sessions' chief of staff, as the Acting Attorney General.

As the U.S. Department of Justice changes hands, many across the country plan to voice concerns over the safety of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential Russian collusion in the 2016 election. His spokesman said on Thursday that McConnell has no further comment on the legislation.

Conway spoke to reporters at the White House on Thursday.

Soon after Attorney General Jeff Sessions submitted his resignation Wednesday, prognosticators began wondering about the soon-to-be unemployed Kobach may end up as the nation's top law enforcement officer.

Sessions' departure - although not entirely unanticipated - came just hours after the midterm elections.

The ongoing investigation has produced guilty pleas from four former Trump aides. He was a George W. Bush loyalist - named a former United States attorney in Iowa under Bush - but like many others, he has become a big admirer of Trump along the way.

When asked whether Whitaker would now assume control over the Mueller investigation, U.S. Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Flores said Whitaker would be "in charge of all matters" under the purview of the department. Nadler and other Democrats on the committee suggested the shakeup appears to be an effort to alter oversight of special counsel Robert Mueller's probe in a way that favors the president.

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