Flu season less severe than previous year

AHA: Flu Season Can Send More Heart Failure Patients to Hospital

AHA: Flu Season Can Send More Heart Failure Patients to Hospital

"The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is reminding residents that flu can be serious" said Randi Pedersen, the Idaho Influenza Surveillance Coordinator. That's why the CDC advises getting the shot in October. Would two flu shots protect me better than one?A. Booster doses can make the flu vaccine more effective, but the benefit is limited to a few specific groups.Children are one group that may benefit from receiving two doses of influenza vaccine during the same flu season.

Minister of Health Kim Wilson, along with the Head of Public Service, Dr. Derrick Binns, the Permanent Secretary for Health, Dr. Jennifer Attride-Stirling and Ministry of Health staff received flu shots as part of the Ministry of Health's "Take the Lead" initiative, which allows the Ministry of Health staff to take the lead in ensuring its healthcare workforce is protected against the flu to prevent spread to patients and minimize sick leave. There have been two deaths due to the influenza virus and levels of hospitalizations are within expected numbers, according to the California Department of Public Health's report through Oct 14 to 20. That's the eventual goal of researchers at the University of Iowa who are working with the National Institutes of Health to develop what they call a "universal" flu shot.

Masjid-e-Ali at 47 Cedar Grove Lane will be providing the public with free flu shots, November 10 from 10:30 a.m.to 2 p.m.

The flu vaccine is available at doctors' offices, health clinics, and some pharmacies and other stores. Even healthy people can become sick enough to miss work or school for a significant amount of time, or even be hospitalized.

"Children under the age of 5 are more likely to be admitted to hospital with flu than any other age group". You can track of how much flu is in the community by visiting here.

Ott maintains the flu vaccine is indeed safe and has benefited millions of Canadians since 1946. Washing your hands frequently, containing your coughs and sneezes when in public and avoiding crowds during flu peak season are all good suggestions.

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