In Brazil's hard-right leader, Trump finds kindred spirit

Jair Bolsonaro supporters rally in Rio de Janeiro

Jair Bolsonaro supporters rally in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil's environment ministry said Wednesday that far-right President-elect Jair Bolsonaro's plan to merge it with the agriculture ministry is "reckless" and will undermine not only environmental protection but economic growth.

Far-right Bolsonaro now has a task of leading Latin America's biggest country and the world's fourth-largest democracy to traditional Brazilian values which he promised during his campaign.

In Sao Paulo - the largest city in the country - hundreds of people gathered on the central Paulista Avenue to also protest against president-elect, victor of last Sunday's elections with 55 per cent of the vote.

An outspoken admirer of US President Donald Trump, Bolsonaro also pledged to realign Brazil with more advanced economies, overhauling diplomatic priorities after almost a decade and a half of leftist rule.

According to one analyst, the recovery in Brazilian markets hasn't been as much because investors were high on Bolsonaro but more because they shuddered at the prospect of any other option.

Bolsonaro rose in prominence amid disgust with Brazil's political system.

"They follow the wave that looks like salvation, but really it's the brink of collapse", she said, claiming Bolsonaro's plans will likely worsen crime, violence and inequality. The previous left-wing party, the Working Party, was met with public disdain. Bolsonaro relied on the support of evangelical groups in the run-up to the election. New rules will boost investment in infrastructure, he told reporters.

In one of his first television interviews since being elected on Sunday with almost 58mn votes, the former paratrooper, who is notorious for his inflammatory rhetoric, did little to suggest he would temper his discourse after taking power on January 1. "So, the minister of economy will include (fusion of) the finance, the planning and the industry and commerce ministry", Lorenzoni said.

Third-place presidential candidate Ciro Gomes, a centre-leftist, accused the PT of aiding and abetting Bolsonaro's rise.

"If you add up the importance of the state, his very radical discourse and the fact that he is from the military and surrounded by military people, I would say that we have a lot of things to worry about, maybe even more than Americans have to worry about Trump", Zucco Jr. said.

He and his advisors have begun fleshing out the staffing of his administration and setting out key priorities, including a fast-tracked pension reform that has faced resistance in Congress.

Echoing Vergolino, Erika Hilton, the transgender member of the so-called Activist Caucus, said many Bolsonaro voters were "manipulated" by misleading information and do not agree with some of his extreme rhetoric about gay people.

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