McCarthy Wins Minority Leader Race

Bill Clark  CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

Bill Clark CQ Roll Call via Getty Images

The biggest action is among House Democrats, who won the majority after eight years.

Sen. Dick Durbin of IL was re-elected as minority whip, the No. 2 Democrat in the Senate. Sen.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California will lead Republicans in the minority in the House after his party ceded dozens of seats, and Sen.

Democrats have a laundry list of other matters they want to investigate - the president's tax returns, possible violations of the Emoluments Clause, internal administration communications that led to the immigrant family separation policy at the USA border - but have said they know they will need to be methodical and prioritize.

Looming in the background of all of these contests, however, is the remaining leadership contest, which isn't expected to take place until after Thanksgiving: The race for the Speaker's gavel in the House of Representatives, which Democrats will control for the first time in almost a decade. Roy Blunt of Missouri are expected to take over the third- and fourth-ranking spots. The party flipped seven governor's mansions-Nevada, New Mexico, Kansas, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan and Maine-with Georgia and Florida still hanging in the balance.

Scott holds the narrowest of leads over Democratic Sen.

Nowhere were the stakes higher than in Orange County, a one-time Republican stronghold where Democrats claimed several GOP-held House seats.

Rebel Democrats say the fight is just getting started, so alternatives could emerge if it becomes clear that Mrs. Pelosi cannot corral the votes during their November 28 meeting. The party won control of the chamber from Republicans for the first time since losing it in the 2010 midterm elections. "I hope that the Democrats will investigate his taxes, Russian involvement, and some other unseemly activities, but I hope their first and most important priority is the needs of the people, the needs of healing, and restoring sanity back to government", Simmons said. "If there are variables and things that are offered to us of course we'll consider them, but I think our position is pretty sound and understandable".

Grassley was chosen by his Republican colleagues to become Senate pro tempore, "a position that has historically been bestowed upon the most senior member of the majority party", according to a press release issued Wednesday by the senator's office.

The race for minority leader is McCarthy's to lose Wednesday.

The Democrats' win also places them in the position to investigate the Trump administration, including the Russian connection to President Donald Trump's campaign, controversial spending by his Cabinet secretaries and Trump's personal income tax returns, according to NBC.

At that point, McCarthy was running for speaker, but ran into opposition from the hard-line Freedom Caucus and withdrew his name for consideration.

They two encountered questions and finger-pointing during a private meeting with lawmakers Tuesday night as the GOP sorted through the midterm defeat that put Democrats in the majority next year.

Also on Wednesday, Iowa's junior U.S. Sen. The Democrats who oppose Pelosi have said they plan to circulate a letter with the number of necessary signatures showing she doesn't have the votes to be Speaker, but they have not done so yet.

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