Trump Demands Journos to Respect White House After Revoking Acosta's Press Pass

US President Donald Trump points to journalist Jim Acosta from CNN during a post-election press conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington DC

US President Donald Trump points to journalist Jim Acosta from CNN during a post-election press conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington DC

President Donald Trump rebuked CNN reporter Jim Acosta on Friday while speaking with reporters on the White House lawn, calling him an "unprofessional guy" with a "loud voice" who doesn't treat White House officials "with respect".

President Trump and Acosta got into a "White House press tantrum" during a press conference this week to the point where an intern tried to physically grab the mic away from the CNN reporter.

"I think Jim Acosta's a very unprofessional man", Trump said on Nov.9, the Daily Caller reported.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders, who posted a video recording of this incident on Twitter, accused Acosta of "placing his hands" on the intern and described his conduct as "unacceptable".

Trump held nothing back when speaking to reporters, tackling both CNN's Jim Acosta as well as April Ryan.

The sparring started after Acosta asked Trump about the caravan of migrants heading from Latin America to the southern US border.

Hours earlier Mr Acosta found himself in the president's line of fire during a news conference called to trumpet Republican success in Tuesday's midterm elections, but which quickly turned hostile when Mr Trump opened the floor to questions. A video expert had told The Associated Press that the video appeared doctored to speed up Acosta's arm movement and make his gesture more threatening; the White House used that encounter to justify pulling Acosta's credentials.

"As visual journalists, we know that manipulating images is manipulating truth", said Whitney Shefte, the association's president. Later, via Twitter, she said that she has interviewed white nationalists who say they are more excited by Trump than they have been about other presidents. "He apparently wants to goad Donald Trump into a confrontation".

Acosta and CNN responded by refuting the claim that he placed his hands on the staffer, using photo evidence as proof.

"What a stupid question that is". In the meantime, Acosta has continued to report without physical access to the White House grounds; he is now in Paris to cover Trump's trip to France.

Kimmel called for Sanders' dismissal on Thursday, but not before giving her one bit of backhanded praise: "I think this also might be the first time I've seen Sarah Sanders take the woman's side on any subject, ever-so, good for her".

"It wasn't doctored... they gave a close-up view", Trump told reporters on November 9.

In fact, Phillip's question was not stupid - it was incredibly relevant as Matt Whitaker, who just took over as interim AG following the forced resignation of Jeff Sessions, has been highly critical of the Mueller investigation.

Trump added another observation for Phillip, "I watch you a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions".

If by "respect" Trump means the type of questions that are asked and the way they are asked, the White House is on shaky legal footing. Trump's insults "are nothing new".

CNN's other White House reporters and producers have been unaffected by the action against Acosta. The channel said the revocation "was done in retaliation for his [Acosta] challenging questions".

CNN has defended Acosta and assailed the White House for taking his credential.

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