Trump demeans three black female reporters in two days

A White House staff member reaches for the microphone held by CNN's Jim Acosta as he questions U.S. President Donald Trump during a news conference in Washington U.S

A White House staff member reaches for the microphone held by CNN's Jim Acosta as he questions U.S. President Donald Trump during a news conference in Washington U.S

Twitter has veteran journalist April Ryan's back after President Trump called her "a loser" and threatened to revoke her press credential, as he did with CNN's Jim Acosta.

Trump also revoked CNN reporter Jim Acosta's press pass.

Acosta's press credentials Wednesday after press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders accused him of putting his hands on a White House intern who tried to take away a microphone from him at a presidential press conference.

But the White House maintains that Mr Acosta was in the wrong, with Ms Sanders tweeting that his actions were "absolutely unacceptable". To make a long story short, Acosta and Trump got into a tussle over the word "invasion", which the president had used to describe the illegal alien caravan approaching our southern border. Acosta made a decision to ask Trump why he seemingly "demonized" the immigrants traveling to the American border at the moment. Instead, Acosta continued with a second question about the Russian investigation, which Trump shrugged off with another curt answer.

"CNN should be ashamed of itself having you working for them", Trump said.

The edited version has been shared by White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

Unprompted, Trump brought up April Ryan, the White House correspondent for American Urban Radio Networks, who doubles as a CNN analyst. Acosta, she added, asked several questions during the press conference.

Nearly immediately, there has been a major backlash for Sanders to resign in the wake of sharing the video, which was created by the widely discredited alt-right site InfoWars. He refused to respond to her question.

Trump didn't say what he means by "respect" - but by the end of the press availability, it was pretty clear that it was for reasons other than security.

Ryan, who is also a CNN contributor, tweeted in response: "I love this country and have the most respect for the Office of the President".

"When you're in the White House, this is a very sacred place to be", he said. But I watch you a lot.

Acosta asked very few actual questions during his exchange with Trump.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway told "Fox and Friends" on November 8 "The reporter from NBC was already standing, getting ready to ask his question, and she was just doing her job, which was to reclaim the microphone that belongs to the federal government".

The president said he had not decided if Acosta's pass would be reinstated and he suggested there "could be others" who lose their credentials. "I will continue to ask the questions that affect America, all of America". "Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately because you can see for yourself what it is, perception is reality with this president".

Video clips also showed an unnamed female White House intern unsuccessfully attempting to reclaim the microphone from Acosta.

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