Trump, Republicans see larger Senate majority as midterm win

Lara Trump: Obama Stumping for Dems Shows 'They Must Be Pretty Scared' for Midterms

Lara Trump: Obama Stumping for Dems Shows 'They Must Be Pretty Scared' for Midterms

The charged atmosphere is expected to drive record turnout in some places, but on the eve of the election, it is far from certain which side will show up in the greatest numbers. If Trump manages to pull off a victory in terms of retaining control of one or both Houses, it will be seen as a validation of his stand that poor migrants and refugees from other countries are a threat to the peaceful life of the American people and send out a clear message to the world on what the original "country of migrants" now thinks on that issue.

Over all, while the conditions for a Democratic takeover have been laid - in one survey of competitive House races, 50 per cent of likely voters support the Democrats, with 46 supporting the Republicans - there are no certainties, especially in the wake of the failure of pollsters to identify the Trump surge that carried the Manhattan billionaire to the White House two years ago.

Republican candidates have tried to emphasize the economy in their campaigns, but they have sometimes been overwhelmed by presidential rhetoric and by sharp attacks by Democrats on the issue of health care, which have put them on the defensive. That's about the same as said so in a CBS News poll conducted shortly after a Republican member of Congress was shot during a June 2017 Congressional baseball practice for a charity event.

FiveThirtyEight's Nate Silver weighed in Sunday on whether Democrats or Republicans will control the House after Tuesday's midterm elections.

The speaker of the house is Republican Paul Ryan, who is not seeking reelection from his home state of Wisconsin.

Likewise, the Republican National Committee said the GOP can preserve its House majority, arguing voters won't cede 23 seats or more seats to Democrats while the economy roars to life. "And he doesn't want to take the risk of looking like he's trying too hard in the House, because then he may get blamed for losing there". Those who give the economy positive ratings favor Republican candidates for the House by 54 to 40 percent, wider than the 49 to 42 percent margin in August.

With terms of six years, about a third of the Senate is up for election every two years. Five of those seven seats were also held by Republicans.

The Senate majority leader is Mitch McConnell of Kentucky.

Of the 35 Senate seats that are facing polls, 26 were held by the Democrats.

Thirty-six of the 50 USA states elect governors this year, including about 10 considered toss-ups. If Abrams wins, she will be the first black woman to become the governor of the conservative Southern state of Georgia.

Mr Trump was holding a pair of rallies Sunday for Georgia's Republican gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp and in Chattanooga, Tennessee, for Republican Senate candidate Marsha Blackburn.

- Minimum wage increases are on the ballot in two states.

As Republicans aim to protect their majorities in the US House and Senate, Democrats hope their strong grassroots enthusiasm can help them win back at least partial control of Congress and thus thwart Trump's agenda.

Tuesday's elections will also test the strength of a Trump-era political realignment defined by evolving divisions among voters by race, gender and especially education.

But they also will be regarded as a verdict on the President's personal style, ranging from his language (welcome to some ears, intemperate to others), the symbolism he employs (refreshing to some eyes, racist to others), his bearing (bold to some minds, vulgar to others), his recasting of the country's political character (an overdue re-evaluation of US immigration policy to some, a rash of nativist fear to others), even his lifestyle (honest and unvarnished to some, tasteless and tawdry to others).

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