Victoria Beckham's stylish white suit is so gorgeous, your draw will drop

Victoria Beckham Talks Hanging ‘Up Her Mic Some Time Ago’ Following The Spice Girls Tour Anno...

Victoria Beckham Talks Hanging ‘Up Her Mic Some Time Ago’ Following The Spice Girls Tour Anno...

The pro-Tory message should come as no surprise though, as in 1996 they declared Margaret Thatcher to have been the original Spice Girl and, according to reports, in that same year, Victoria "Posh" Beckham, now 44, said the European Union had been a "terrible trick on the British people", with Euro bureaucrats "destroying every bit of national identity and individuality". She told "Extra", "I have so much going on with my business and my family". I wanted to show if I can do it then really anyone can do it.

The Spice Girls stormed to worldwide fame in 1996 after the release of their first single "Wannabe", spreading their message of girl power. "I know they will put on an awesome show and the fantastic fans past and present are going to have a wonderful time!"

Following their recent comeback announcement as a four-piece and the sensational demand for their 2019 United Kingdom stadium tour, which saw extra dates being added after many shows sold out in minutes, Spice Girls have announced a new project which sees them use their Girl Power to support an incredible cause. And what you can achieve can be limitless, if you, - I cannot help it - if you really, really want it, OK? That is all I'm saying'.

Always good to get some Posh Spice from Beckham, even if only for a moment!

Victoria also explained why she chose not to participate in the reunion. "I've always been surrounded by strong, supportive women".

The fashion designer decided not to be part of the hugely popular group's upcoming reunion tour, but her bandmates - who told her about their plans to make sure she didn't feel left out - have insisted she's still part of their music family. "So, for all the women out there who have ever been doubted or doubted themselves, this award tonight is for all of us". "We're about equality and bringing everyone together".

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