BT excludes Huawei from 5G network, to remove 4G equipment

BT to remove Huawei hardware from 4G network amid fears of Chinese spying

BT to remove Huawei hardware from 4G network amid fears of Chinese spying

British multinational telecommunications holding company BT Group plc. would reportedly be removing Huawei Technologies Co.'s equipment from its core 4G network within two years.

Britain's telecoms have avoided using Huawei equipment in their network cores, which contain customers' personal data.

Apparently, this move from BT Group would bring the company's mobile phone venture in line with an internal policy, which would keep the equipment of Huawei Technologies at the edge of telecoms infrastructure. The head of MI6 Alex Younger echoed these concerns this week, warning of Huawei's involvement in the advent of 5G technology, which is set to play a transformative role in the industrial internet beyond the marginally better speeds that were offered by the 4G rollout. BT has also said it will not purchase equipment from Huawei for its 5G network.

Some have questioned the timing of Younger's speech, in a week where the U.S. government encouraged its allies to shun Huawei hardware.

Huawei is facing more and more setbacks when it comes to its network infrastructure hardware.

The Chinese company added that it had a robust cyber security assurance system and had never had a cyber security-related incident. "As BT noted, 'Huawei remains an important equipment provider and a valued innovation partner'".

The FT said BT in 2005 became one of the first companies outside China to sign a landmark supply agreement with Huawei.

The board is an advisory panel set up by the United Kingdom government to monitor HCSEC, which itself was created and funded by Huawei, in order to address British government concerns about possible security threats to national infrastructure.

Huawei will supply the equipment and software for Altice Portugal to upgrade its network to support commercially applicable 5G standards by 2019, the Shenzhen-based gear maker said in a press statement. This is sure to deal a major blow to the company, but I'm sure Huawei will find a way to bounce back as it has done previously.

The Wall Street Journal reported last month that Washington has asked its allies to cut ties with Huawei because its equipment posed strong cybersecurity risks.

Fellow members Australia and the USA have also banned Chinese tech firms Huawei - and ZTE in the US - from their 5G networks over fears it could make national infrastructure accessible to the Chinese government. BT reports offering various services in around 180 countries.

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