Comey set for closed-door interview with House Republicans

Andrew McCabe James Comey and Rod Rosenstein

Andrew McCabe James Comey and Rod Rosenstein

Two GOP-led committees are wrapping up a yearlong investigation into decisions made at the Justice Department during the 2016 presidential election.

The questions that are being asked at the hearing, which is expected to run through Friday afternoon, reportedly have to do with issues including reportedly political bias of Federal Bureau of Investigation officials, Comey's statement recommending no criminal charges against Hillary Clinton, and how he allegedly wrote it before Clinton was interviewed, flexibility that the Justice Department reportedly had with regards to Clinton's advisers, and possibly also concerns that the Federal Bureau of Investigation may have abused the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court system.

Republicans will also focus on alleged political bias by Obama-era Federal Bureau of Investigation officials and potential FISA court abuses.

Former FBI Director James Comey appeared before a House committee on Friday to testify at a closed hearing.

Comey agreed to testify on Friday at House Republicans request under the pretense that a full transcript of the testimony be released afterwards.

The U.S. president early Friday continued his social media assault on the actions the past two years of Comey, Mueller and what Trump perceives as unfair investigations.

Democrats had much different takes on Capitol Hill this morning, telling the press that the closed door meeting with Comey is unnecessary and clearly a ploy to disrupt special counsel Robert Mueller's Russian Federation probe.

Comey was in charge of both of those investigations.

Comey said he might answer questions after the interview, which is expected to last much of the day.

Weeks later, Comey arranged for a memo on a private meeting with the president to be leaked to the press, claiming Trump asked him to curtail the FBI investigation into former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. They have also urged their Republican counterparts to shield Mueller from any attempts by Trump or his newly-appointed acting attorney general, Matthew Whitaker, to impede the investigation. Under a deal struck with the House Judiciary Committee, he can speak afterward and a transcript will be released.

Both Goodlatte and Issa are retiring at the end of this session, with Issa having been nominated in September for a post in Trump's Trade and Development Agency. It is the first time he has answered lawmakers' questions since an explosive June 2016 hearing in which he asserted that President Donald Trump fired him to interfere with his investigation of Russia's ties to the Trump campaign. But it also found there was no evidence that Comey's or the department's final conclusions were motivated by political bias toward either candidate.

In addition to Comey's ouster four years into a 10-year term, Trump helped orchestrate the removal from the bureau of Andrew McCabe, who was interim director when Comey was sacked.

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