Fallout 76's New Patch Brings Unexpected Changes And More Tedium



Once orders for the set began shipping to players, their outcry prompted Bethesda to respond with a token of apology: a $5 voucher for Fallout 76's in-game cosmetics store. In the weeks since the game's launch, many fans had voiced complaints over the $200 USD "Power Armor" edition of the game, which included a copy of Fallout 76, some trinkets, a Power Armor helmet, and a bag.

In an unexpected move, users submitting tickets to Bethesda's website were given access to the support system.

The Bethesda Support twitter account tweeted this morning to say the issue had been resolved, and pointed out that no passwords had been revealed. The details - which included people's names, addresses and phone numbers - mostly belonged to Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition buyers, who were after a replacement canvas bag for the nylon one that was actually included. I can see the problems you are having with the game, yes I'm having them too.

While I noticed some of the improvements, like fewer issues with building and relocating my camp, I also noticed enemies acting more strangely, and even occasionally getting healed for seemingly no reason. While the publisher initially justified its actions, calling the model seen on the poster a "prototype" with no plans to rectify the situation, it did double back on itself to offer replacements to those who submitted a ticket to Bethesda support.

Other Reddit users added their own allegations of the same issue, with one public screenshot showing multiple, confused replies to the same support-ticket thread.

How long the issue was present and / or how much data was accessed by users remains unknown.

The hits keep on coming for Bethesda and its customers.

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