Iraq Officially Recognises Christmas Day A National Holiday

Iraqis. AFP

Iraqis. AFP

Just a few short years after ISIS swept across Iraq and committed genocide against Christians and other minority religious groups in the region, the country's government officially declared Christmas a national holiday this year.

"Agricultural revolution has seen a vastly improved local production to the detriment of importation while we have achieved surplus in our trade balance.

Happy Christmas to our Christian citizens, all Iraqis and to all who are celebrating around the world".

The president said that his resolve to ensure that the polls were "free, fair and credible" was to let the world know that "something good can come out from Nigeria".

"In addition, we have not relented in the fight against corruption while the business environment has been improved through institutional reforms", he remarked.

According to the study, 90 percent of the US population still celebrates Christmas as a holiday, and a slight majority (51%) say they plan to attend religious services on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

"We must not also forget that what lies ahead of us as a nation is better than whatever we must have experienced in the past".

"We should also use this Christmas to make peace as individuals as communities, in various communities we are aware that they are fighting themselves over lands, over who will become traditional rulers and President General of the communities, but they should take steps to make peace because Christmas brings peace, God love peace and those celebrating him should be peaceful in all they do". Christmas comes from the words "Christ" and "Mass", meaning the day the Mass of Christ is held.

Abubakar urged Nigerians to reconcile with one another and show love to others.

Security has been beefed-up across the country to avoid any eventuality on the Christmas.

The PDP presidential candidate said: "So, when next you see a soldier, boost his or her morale by acknowledging their sacrifices and thanking them".

Apostle Yoshua Masasu the leader of the Evangelical Restoration Church called upon Christians to seek salvation more than celebrations as they remember the birth of Christ.

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