2 more flu deaths in county bring season’s death toll to 11

The flu vaccine is drawn from the vile into the needle at Crawford Kids Clinic in Aurora Colorado

The flu vaccine is drawn from the vile into the needle at Crawford Kids Clinic in Aurora Colorado

The predominant strain this year is influenza A H1N1, which officials say tends to have less severe symptoms than the predominant strain that circulated last season.

Typically, it's adults 65 years and older. Danuta M. Skowronski, epidemiologist at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, poses for a photograph in Vancouver, B.C., on August 19, 2008. In the last week there were 16 hospitalizations, bringing the season's total to 53.

"It's a different season, different profile. We are hoping for a milder season than we had past year, which was a doozy", Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Tennessee, told Healthline.

Despite the spike in cases, this is the typical pattern seen, and is on par with what was seen a year ago as well, said Khan. 10 people are known to have died from the sickness so far.

By the end of October 2018, 185 pediatric deaths from flu complications were reported to the CDC, with 80 percent of deaths occurring in children who hadn't been vaccinated against influenza. That's more than double the 195 logged during the same period in 2017.

Seventy-one of those kids had to be admitted to the ICU.

Other illnesses common to campus this time of year include colds and viruses, namely norovirus, a virus unrelated to the flu that causes inflammation of the stomach or intestines and is characterized by diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and stomach pain.

"It is recommended that people still get the flu vaccination if they have not already", said infectious disease expert Dr. David Cennimo of Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. That applies to data collected on both adults and children.

Bennett said the flu often starts in the South and heads northward during the winter months, and ME was one of the last states in the nation previous year to experience widespread flu.

Women who are pregnant or during the first two weeks after giving birth.

"In terms of whether the flu season has peaked or not, we really don't know", Price said.

New Brunswick's peak might come somewhat sooner, as cases there began spreading in late November.

Thirteen children have died from the flu so far this season. Nationally, about 4% of outpatient appointments were related to the flu during the week ending December 29.

Lee Health also has some prevention advice with getting the flu vaccine, as well as the pneumococcal vaccine, topping its list.

The swine flu is the main strain of virus circulating.

The CDC recommends that everyone 6-months-old and older get a flu shot every year. Check with your doctor if you have flu-like symptoms and are at high risk of serious flu complications.

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