Google Assistant finally makes its way to Sonos speakers

Apple's CES ad takes aim at rivals with privacy boast

Apple's CES ad takes aim at rivals with privacy boast

For the United States consumers, Google is introducing a couple of new features in the Assistant that will enable them to do a lot more than just search for flights. The newest announcement that focuses on one of the most complex virtual assistants is aimed at Sonos users. Google says it's looking to save users time by letting them do things more efficiently. Some of the new features announced would be really helpful for millions of people around the world.

So for example, a device manufacturer could use Assistant Connect to display the current weather and temperature on a smart thermostat, while using Assistant Connect to actually get and display all the data from a connected device, say a Google Home.

Real-time machine-assisted translated conversations are becoming increasingly popular, though options are still limited. Once you've done that, you can view your boarding pass in Google Pay by saying "Hey Google, show me my boarding pass".

Unfortunately, the American tech giant has not yet discussed plans to add the feature to the Google Assistant on smartphones.

The feature is set to roll out within the next few weeks. While Android users typically have the Assistant preloaded on their devices, it is going to be a bigger deal for iOS devices, which have a massive Maps install base.

Google is also adding a feature that will allow Android users to access the assistant even with the phone locked.

The smart clock, which is slated to go on sale in the spring, marks Google's latest foray into smart displays. Designed for use in the kitchen (obviously) Kitchen Aid's new smart display offers an IPX-5 water resistance rating and integration with Yummly meal planning and guided cooking. As well as being a dual-USB auto charger to keep your devices topped up on the road, the $50 Bolt adds Google Assistant directly to your vehicle.

Along with these updates, Anker and JBL are launching smart accessories that help drivers better utilize the Assistant while driving. Additionally, Google Assistant will also alert if your flight is ready for Web check-in.

For example, "Hey Google, I'd like to book the Cambria Hotel in NY on January 12th".

For Google, the hotel partnerships are just a pilot program, for now.

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