HTC Unveils Vive Pro Eye with integrated eye-tracking at CES 2019

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This is where the Vive Cosmo comes in. Dan O'Brien, HTC Vive's GM of Americas, says the Vive Pro Eye came about because developers were asking to do more. That's right. This headset tracks your eye movements. There's also no external tracking required. Whether Cosmos is coming quite that soon or not remains to be seen.

Even the flip up cover of the HTC Vive Cosmos feels like a nod to the movie Ready Player One, similar to the movie poster that shows the protagonist flipping in and out of the virtual worlds. Be sure to stay tuned in to Windows Central for more updates about all the news around HTC Vive! The Cosmos should apparently work with more than just high-end gaming PCs, but no more details were shared about that. However, a glowing silhouette of a smartphone, is a strong hint in the direction HTC is headed. As the name suggests, this new headset is bringing eye integration into the mix, improving performance for both the company and consumers.

Additionally, enterprise customers can use eye tracking to better train and evaluate users.

The eye tracking hardware enables new experiences and thus "your eyes are transformed into an intuitive controller and intention communicator, and the results are quickened reaction for games, insightful data collection and much more". This renders sharp images for wherever the human eye is looking in a virtual scene and reduces the image in the periphery. Combined with the eye tracking tech, companies can track where consumers look the most to help develop products.

In addition, HTC also announced a new subscription service for the Viveport, dubbed Infinite, which will allow users to access to 500 apps and games at any given of time starting April 5.

That's ranged from a belief that this brand could take on the iPhone with the HTC Desire (which it did) to charting new territory into virtual worlds with the Vive headset (which offered a possible, exciting view of the future rather than an fantastic product we could buy right now).

Highlights include Origin, which is a rich virtual world for interacting with others, and Vive Lens, which lets you travel between virtual worlds easily.

According to HTC, the number of Viveport subscriptions went up three times since last CES, and it also has three times the amount of content as before.

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