IPad Pro bending issues: Apple explains away 'subtle deviations in flatness'

Bent iPads: Apple says you are looking at it wrong

Bent iPads: Apple says you are looking at it wrong

On Saturday, the company published a new support page detailing the manufacturing process that explains the "subtle deviations in flatness".

The process leads to the formation of small vertical bands or "splits" in the sides of the iPad and turns parts of the enclosure into cellular antennas.

The 2018 iPad Pro, the thinnest iPad yet, also bent under minor pressure in a stress test video from Jerry Rig Everything, fanning claims on the internet that Apple have another "bendgate" on its hands, a name first earned by the bend-prone iPhone 6 Plus in 2014.

The company says this inspection is rigorous. After the plastic cools, the tablets are then machined to create a seamless integration between the aluminum and plastic. And whether or not an iPad Pro bends to the extent exhibited by Zack Nelson in his viral JerryRigEverything review, one would hope that a product potentially running customers more than $1,000 doesn't come bent straight out of the packaging.

As Gizmodo previously reported, this issue was particularly irksome in context of the fact that the iPad Pro's new enclosure was touted as revolutionary for its thinness.

When reports of the 2018 iPad Pro bending started getting media attention, Apple was quick to dismiss the matter saying that certain units can ship with a slight bend.

How imperceptible? Well, Apple claims that its manufacturing process "allows for no more than 400 microns of deviation across the length of any side". And, while Apple says there's a factory allowed variance of 400 microns, it's possible that some devices are slipping through the testing process. Any bends are apparently caused by the way these new tablets are being built, according to Apple. The company continued that the deviations were within specifications, and, more importantly, don't affect the device's functionality or strength.

This is the most powerful iPad Pro with A10X Fusion Chip, Touch ID, Retina Display, True Tone, 4 Speakers and offers 10 hours of battery life.

Apple notes that its tolerances are even tighter on the new iPads than they were on those from previous years, and that anyone with a tablet that they feel is outside the 400 micron boundary should contact Apple Support for assistance. But it is imperceptible during normal use - and I use this iPad every day.

And while Apple originally said this is a feature, not a bug, the firm now returns with a more detailed explanation on what exactly happens and why such a "subtle deviation" (Apple's very own words) shouldn't be worrying.

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