Lexar just unveiled a 1TB SD card you can actually buy

Memory monster! Lexar launches 1TB SD card

Memory monster! Lexar launches 1TB SD card

SanDisk, one of the most prominent SD card manufacturers around, has so far only managed to show off prototypes of cards fitting that much capacity into one tiny cartridge. Lexar has heard the call, and announced a new 1 terabyte SDXC Class 10 UHS-1 memory card for digital SLR cameras, HD and 3D video recorders, and other devices. This new card is made for professionals, serious camera folks who constantly fill up SD cards shooting lots of photos and videos all day in the highest possible quality, so they don't need to keep track of so many cards.

The Lexar Professional 633X 1TB SDXC card costs US$499.99 (about RM2,044) and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Lexar's new card is available for purchase starting today. Sadly, this is a full-size SD card, so it's too big for smartphones. So, the Lexar's latest SD card is the first commercially available 1TB SD card you can actually buy. This is a V30 card, which Lexar states can achieve up to 95MB/s data transfer speeds, but it is only guaranteed to hit a minimum sequential write speed of 30MB/s. You do, of course, lose the convenience of a single card, though, and there's every chance retailers will discount the card enough to make it the slightly cheaper option.

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