U.K. Needs Leadership, U.S. Ambassador Says as Brexit Looms

European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker says he fears the majority of MPs

European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker says he fears the majority of MPs"deeply distrust both the EU and Theresa May

For now, the question is moot: May this month pulled a vote in Parliament on her Brexit deal because the strength of opposition to it among lawmakers meant she couldn't get it through.

Having postponed the vote in December in the face of nearly certain failure, Mrs May still has to win over critics in her own party if the deal is to pass the Commons this time.

"I find it entirely unreasonable for parts of the British public to believe that it is for the European Union alone to propose a solution for all future British problems", he said.

The agreement negotiated by May with the European Union - which sets the terms of the UK's exit and a declaration on future relations - will only come into force with a majority backing in Parliament.

In her New Year message, the Prime Minister says this country can thrive and "start a new chapter with optimism and hope".

'Should that happen, I know many will be demanding a second referendum and/or an extension to Article 50.

"Are we going to make a bad mistake, leaving behind our influence in Europe's most successful peace project and the world's biggest marketplace?" he said.

MPs are due to debate the Withdrawal Agreement hammered out with Brussels on 9 January before a "meaningful vote" the following week.

Britain's international trade secretary Liam Fox
Britain's international trade secretary Liam Fox

Commenting on Mr Johnson's remarks, a Downing Street spokeswoman said he had "also recently said we were the flawless trading partner for the US".

The vote, which May postponed in December to avoid defeat, will be a pivotal moment for the world's fifth-largest economy: it will determine whether Britain follows her plan for a managed exit and relatively close economic ties, or faces massive uncertainty about the country's next step.

Woody Johnson said Mr Trump was "looking forward to and hoping" that a post-Brexit bilateral trade agreement will be able to be struck between the U.S. and the UK.

An orderly Brexit, she argued, would enable the United Kingdom to "focus its energy" on other challenges, such as addressing housing shortages, improving technical education and ensuring the £20bn in extra spending planned for the NHS during the next five years ensures the health service continues to be "there for us when we need it".

Mrs Foster also promised her party would work towards restoring a power-sharing government in Belfast.

Liam Fox, the worldwide trade secretary and a vocal Brexit campaigner during the 2016 referendum, warned colleagues planning on voting against May that her plan was the only way to be "100 percent certain" that Britain would leave.

But he rejected calls to reschedule the vote to before Christmas, saying talks between European leaders on any changes to the agreement would need to take place first.

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