VELVET BUZZSAW Trailer: Art Eats the Beholder in Dan Gilroy's Latest

'Velvet Buzzsaw' Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal & Rene Russo Reteam with 'Nightcrawler' Director Dan Gilroy

'Velvet Buzzsaw' Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal & Rene Russo Reteam with 'Nightcrawler' Director Dan Gilroy

It's fun to see him play such a role of the art-obsessed critic who suddenly realizes that these paintings are alive and that anyone who is in possession of them should box them up.

What is the plot of Velvet Buzzsaw?

But then he comes across something completely unique. Interestingly enough, the trailer (watch above) also makes it seems like each of these murders will become a work of art themselves. He's sure he's hallucinating at first, but the madness doesn't stop there. Get too close to these pictures and they come alive with only one intention: revenge against the avaricious art world. We're expecting a tongue-in-cheek fable about the limitations of art and creativity where money is concerned.

Alongside Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Toni Collette, Zawe Ashton, Tom Sturridge, Natalia Dyer, Daveed Diggs, Billy Magnussen and John Malkovich also feature in Velvet Buzzsaw, which comes to Netflix and select theaters on February 1.

In a 2017 interview with Business Insider, Gilroy stated that the film's "got a Robert Altman-like large ensemble cast".

Rene Russo and Jake Gyllenhaal star in Netflix's Velvet Buzzsaw. Gilroy last worked with Gyllenhaal on 2014's Nightcrawler.

On Thursday, the streaming service dropped a horrifying trailer for their new film "Velvet Buzzsaw".

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