You Have 30 Minutes To Beat The Resident Evil 2 Demo

Next Devil May Cry 5 Demo Will Bring Demons To Consoles On February 7, 2019

Next Devil May Cry 5 Demo Will Bring Demons To Consoles On February 7, 2019

The Resident Evil 2 remake, which looks promising indeed, launches proper on 25th January.

This 1-Shot demo leaked on the Xbox Store in mid-December and all the details match with the announcement.

According to a press release from Capcom, the Resident Evil 2 1-shot demo's availability window is January 11-31.

It was awkwardly described as a 30-minute demo of the game but was vague about how many times it could be played.

Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN who can't wait for the Resident Evil 2 Remake and for millions around the world to see for themselves how awesome this is.

You've probably seen a bit of footage of Resi 2 by now, so chances are you'll be familiar with the locations of the demo.

Yeah, you read that right: real blood.

If you die, the countdown will continue.

Fans wishing to visit the Resident Evil 2 bar and participate in the Safe Zone experience can do so by visiting the website and applying for tickets.

As expected, Capcom will share an early segment of its long-awaited Resident Evil 2 remake this week.

Capcom has confirmed the rumored Resident Evil 2 limited-time demo and it will be coming to PC and consoles later this week.

The demo lets players control rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy as he arrives at Raccoon City Police Station. We will not be able to start again or enjoy another 30 minute slot to see if you can get any further. Leon has to survive a throng of bloodthirsty zombies before escaping, all the while the clock ticks down. Also, you can watch this video as many times as you want.

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